The End of Summer Vacation

Well the summer fun is coming to an end for a couple of little ones in my house. I wanted to do something really nice before they started school. So of course, why not take pictures of them. I like to take pictures of my kids in their most natural state. Why dress them up, I say. It’s nice to have made-up and dressed-up posed photos, don’t get me wrong but, how often do they really dress up other than for church or something special like a wedding. I normally see them in t-shirts and shorts and that’s what I want my pictures to look like. (My opinion!) On this particular day, I wanted to try something I learned from another photographer. Using my scrim as a natural soft light box that diffuses the sun. I have to say, I really liked how my pictures turned out. Check them out and tell me what you think.


Scrim-n-sun6 Scrim-n-sun1 Scrim-n-sun3 Scrim-n-sun4 Scrim-n-sun5



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