I’m BAAACK and I’m photographing Seniors! BAM!!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while but I really have been super busy with my family and trying to figure out ways to get more clients for my photography. But first I wanted to share the my husband and I renewed our vows, 10 years!!! I have been planning this for quite some time and I knew that I needed to stay focus on that and put everything else aside. It was so beautiful and we had a blast, I’ll share pics on a later post.

Today, I’m very excited to share with you my recent work, Senior portraits. I took so really great pictures of a young lady that you may recognize from a previous post, Elisabeth. This school year she is a senior class of 2015. We had so much fun doing this photo shoot in the lovely downtown Frankfort, KY. She has been so patient with me too, to wait until after my renewal ceremony for me to work, edit and put together an awesome Senior portfolio for her. And I promised to feature her on my blog/website. So here you go enjoy and comment below what you think!


Announcement card4-FRONT Elisabeth1 Elisabeth2a Elisabeth17 Elisabeth25 Elisabeth26 ThreedentCollage-16x20-Elisabeth's choice edit


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