The Hansford family

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! As a mother of two myself, I am so happy to be able to love  and be a part of my little ones lives. I got breakfast in bed, house shoes (which I so needed), and some chocolate! Not to mention, a beautiful painting from my 8 year-old. Although, she did mention that it wasn’t her idea and that her teacher made her do it. But other than that, I was grateful to get it. LOL

I had the great opportunity to photograph a wonderful family last weekend at my favorite location spot, Jacobson Park, in Lexington, KY. The mother, Nicole, was a previous co-worker of mine, when I worked for CHA Health/Humana way back when. Although I left there and continued to search for my “career job”, we were able to keep in touch via Facebook. It’s really awesome that we were able to see our families grow using social media, but its even nicer to actually see her in person and to FINALLY meet her family. So on a windy Saturday at the park, I was thrilled to capture these precious memories for such a lovely family. Next time I will have to invest in some really strong hairspray! LOL Enjoy! – Candace

Hansford01 hansford02 b&w Hansford04 Hansford06 Hansford11 Hansford15 Hansford17


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