Photographing Homes Part 1

I have had the opportunity to photograph a couple of homes in the Lexington and Georgetown, KY area, thanks to Connie McDaniel of Keller Williams Realty. I am branching out my photography services to Interior photography or Realty Photography. I have always wanted to be part of interior design or decorating and this is a great way to be involved. My plan is to reach out to local realtors and provide my services and hopefully provide exceptional photos that will help sell these homes in Central Kentucky. Please note that I used a 18-55mm lens for these shots but next time, I will have a wide angle lens to shoot these homes for sale. Please let me know what you think and any critiques are always welcomed.


Brookridge3 Brookridge5 Brookridge7 Brookridge9 Brookridge10 Brookridge16

Stay tuned for other homes that I have photographed.

– Candace



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