Black & White & Color

Today, I wanted to do something different, so I decided to go through my photos and see what they would look like in black and white. Some of them were already in black and white and others I thought, Why not?!!  I love Ansel Adams’ Black and White photography! I know my photos are NOTHING like his, but it inspired me to try my own style and even add a little color to some.

I really like going outside and photographing trees in black and white. They can look a little eerie but beautiful at the same time!. When I got my camera, I would take my son to Pee Wee sports and photograph him while he was playing and thought how cool it looked when I added a blue color his shirt. My son is in some of the photographs below and he really loves to get his picture taken all the time. He looks so precious in black and white.

Feedback is always welcomed. I always appreciate it!

Thanks and enjoy!!




DSC00235B&W& Blue DSC00658 DSC00292 DSC00926 DSC01188.ARW DSC01262 Kayla


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