Zila Designs Inc. Models Part 1 Practice Makes Perfect

I am so thrilled to work with a bunch of awesome people. To include a local fashion designer and a handful of amazing models. This type of photography is not my scope but I was so excited to give it a try. What could go wrong, right? So on Saturday, September 19th, we had a fashion show, with local fashion designer, Lisa B. of Zila Designs Inc. I won’t show you those pictures just yet, but I do want to show you a practice sessions that we had with the models. You’ll have to stay tuned till next weekend for the fashion show photos. To be continued…



Practice 9-13-5

Practice 9-13-7

Practice 9-13-6

Practice 9-13-4

Practice 9-13

Practice 9-13-2

Practice 9-13-3

models w backround-18-2

models w backround-17-2

models w backround-15-2

models w backround-13-2

models w backround-12-2

models w backround-10-2

models w backround-9-2

models w backround-7-2

models w backround-2-2

models w backround-3-2

models w backround-5-2

Check out my blog next week to see the fashion show photos! ***SPOIL ALERT*** They look amazing!!


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