Meet the Rogers’ kids

Welcome back!

Let me begin by saying that I had the greatest time doing the session I’m about to post. This was the first time I’ve worked with the Rogers’ children and I enjoyed every minute of it at my in-home studio. Emily is a beautiful 9 year old and Dylan is a sweet 4 year old. This family has been looking for a photographer for quite some time, since her previous photographer moved from our hometown area. By word of mouth, thanks to Connie, from my recent blog post, she mentioned to Nicole that I was a photographer and she quickly booked with me. Yay!!

As you can see, their parents, Nicole and Adam, have a lot to be proud of. Clearly, Nicole and Adam have done a marvelous job raising them. Speaking of parents, the children’s mother, Nicole did a really wonderful job choosing outfits and props for our session. Hopefully I’ll get to work with them all in the future again.

Without further adieu, meet the Rogers’ children!

Rogers14 Rogers3 Rogers15 Rogers2



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