Photo shoot with Sara from the UK

Hey guys! I have been crazy busy, and not just with my photography but with life in general. However, I did take time out of my busy schedule to do a photo shoot with my ‘Sister from another Mother’, Sara from London, UK. She lives currently in Atlanta, GA and I live in Kentucky, so we decided to meet in beautiful Knoxville, TN. She wanted to photos for her 30th birthday! We had a blast hanging out in Knoxville, we headed to the downtown area near the Sun sphere tower. There is an awesome park and man made waterfall. It was very picturesque and a great place for a photo shoot. She loves the water, so we were able to get a lot of great shots! Enjoy and please let me know what you think!

– Candace


S. Russell_oilpainting

S Russell10

S Russell7

S Russell6

S Russell3

S Russell2

S. Russell1

S Russell4




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